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save ANAM

November 20, 2008

A few of you will be aware that ANAM, the Australian National Academy of Music based in Melbourne, has had its funding suddenly withdrawn by the federal government, so that it will almost certainly close at the end of the year after twelve years. The circumstances are not entirely clear, and questions have been tabled in the Senate, but whatever the pros and cons, the students are suffering and they have not been treated with consideration or given a clear indication of options for next year. Please would you support the ongoing efforts of current ANAM management, led by Artistic Director composer Brett Dean, to rescue ANAM from the dire consequences of this hasty and ill-informed decision by contributing to the online petition hosted at

I purposely won’t go into a detailed account of the background to all this, as I am biased as a member of staff. I do, however, recommend that you look at teh most recent article to appear in the national daily for a pretty fair-minded analysis,25197,24676904-16947,00.html

Your support is appreciated.

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